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Should you buy a top or skirt when you have nothing to wear it with?

We all know that this issue is not only limited to a top or a skirt. It could be basically anything. So, what do you do when you see something in a store that you absolutely love, but you can’t think of a thing to wear it with? What I usually do when I go shopping and I see something I like, I mentally catalogue what’s in my wardrobe and “take out” the things I can wear it with. If I can’t “see” anything that I can wear it with, I don’t buy it. Why? Because I am less likely to wear it, it will just sit there in my closet with nowhere to go. Choosing items simply because you “like them” is probably not the best idea. If you want the best bang for your buck and the most wear out of your clothes, choose carefully when you go shopping.

Would you or do you buy things that you have nothing to wear with? Share in the comments!


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